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Dick Gaughan

Wild Mountain Thyme:

This song revels in the natural community of our people. It beckons us back to our clannish agrarian roots– whether in the Cymbric Highlands or in the Western vales of Virginia– it bids us return.

If you hear that call… if you feel its pull on your soul, that means that our enemies haven’t fully succeeded in their plot to unitize and monetize you– to make you a rootless and raceless automaton to be spent like so many bricks in foundation of the Globalist Tower of Babel.

And this one is just as good, anti-Nationalist themes in the video notwithstanding.

The Father’s Song:

As a father myself, this one grabs me by the throat and won’t let go.

The idea that there are powers in high places which conspire directly against the lives of my children sets me to such a ferocious disposition that I oft struggle to contain its reveal on my face.

“Don’t ya’ let ’em buy ya’ out or break your pride.
Don’t ya’ let yourself be used and cast aside.
If ya’ listen to their lyin’
they’ll con you into dyin.
And you won’t even know that you were once alive.”

God bless you my brothers and sisters. May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ grant you peace amidst the storms of our present travail. May He prepare for you a table of feasting in the midst of our enemies.

And may you pass to the enemies of our ancestors and our children the bitter cup prepared from time immemorial for the Devil and his Angels.


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In this film Craig Bodeker highlights the hypocrisy of the Civil Rights vision of race relations. He powerfully obviates the fact that the concept of ‘Racism’ is incoherent and generally self-contradictory in its usage; its lack of intellectual and moral weight notwithstanding, the term is nevertheless become a cudgel which Social Marxists are using to bludgeon Christian civilization to the point of crisis.

Among other things, we find it apparent that our enemies will cry ‘Racism’ as long as the white race continues to exist but without the white race actual violence and strife between ethnic groups will rise sharply for no other people now or ever have demonstrated such humanitarian efforts. None else have ever demonstrated an inclination toward the lofty crusades inwhich our folk have engaged themselves for two millennia or more.

Moreover, its also clear that the white race and this concept of ‘Racism’ cannot forever coexist. If whites are to extenuate themselves beyond the next two centuries we must discard this Marxist-Egalitarian ethic for without our people’s self-effacement and philanthropy the human species (as a whole) faces very dark days ahead of it.

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