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The White Christ

Hello again, Ehud here.

This is a podcast about Christ’s Kingdom, Kinism, and everything relative thereto. Kinism, of course, is the radical notion that the Great Commission does not abolish the nations, but rather, redeems them.

Today’s subject comes courtesy of all those Alienists who, crossing paths with troglodytes like us, reflexively bark, “Jesus wasn’t White, you know!”, “Jesus was a Brown Palestinian!”, “Jesus was a swarthy Jew,” or just as often, “Jesus was Black, you idiot!” And following close at the heels of this loving encouragement invariably come threats to life and limb and pronouncements of damnation and hellfire.

Remarkably, even if their positions on the matter are mutually exclusive of one another, these evangelists of the multicult seem to have little grievance amongst themselves. The one preaching a brown-Jewish Jesus has little apparent quarrel with the one preaching a Black Jesus, nor much the reverse. And neither seem to take qualm even with one preaching a Canaanite mongrel Jesus; and that despite being the substance of the Pharisees’ accusations against Christ’s claim as Messiah. Regardless, and in spite of these differences, they maintain a tepid ecumenism with respect to all but us. Their animus is principally reserved for one view–the same which happened to obtain throughout Christian history up to the last few years–that Jesus and the people of ancient Israel resembled Europeans. Not that they were Europeans, only that they resembled them. We, after all, have historically understood ourselves to be sons of Japheth rather than Shem.

The Alienists’ outrage at this thought suggests that they aren’t so much concerned with the question of what Israelites truly looked like as they are with the repudiation of what Christendom always believed them to have looked like.

And that realization implies much with respect to their motives as well, does it not? Failing all else, they are centrally committed to purging Whiteness from salvation history. They have come to presuppose Christianity to be at odds with Whiteness. Because, they have been converted from Christianity to the gnostic multicult, which holds Whiteness to be more or less synonymous with sin.

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