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Clark’s commentary on Titus 1:10-13 has a distinct Kinist sort of bent to it:

“…those who caused the most trouble in Crete, and elsewhere, were not polytheistic pagans: They were Jews…the trouble in the church was not pagan sexual immorality, but Jewish greed for money. Jews are often thought of as greedy…The Cretan churches contained both Jews and native Cretans. Here the Jews caused the most trouble. They above all could be called fallacious reasoners…After reading this denunciation, one may ask, Do pastors today imitate Paul? Few dare to do so. Yet, Paul in I Cor.11:1 commands us to imitate him.”

Here we find Dr. Clark, like so many others of the old guard, making call on Christians to denounce Jews. Such a position is redoubled by an appeal to the contemporary experience of the reader in saying that ‘Jews are often thought of as greedy’. And he concludes by pointing out Paul’s command that Christians imitate him– that is, that we ought to imitate the Apostle’s frank denunciation of the Jews as “Evil Beasts”.

But interestingly enough, he also acknowledges the fact that few Ministers even in his day (circa 1950s) were still willing to follow the biblical and apostolic exemplar. He saw the winds of change blowing hard upon what had been orthodox Christian social theory.

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