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Heir Apparent

Welcome back, folks. Ehud here again.

This is a podcast about Christ’s Kingdom, Kinism, and all things relative thereto. Kinism, of course, being that radical notion that the Great Commission does not abolish the nations, but rather, redeems them.

Today’s topic comes courtesy of an elder brother long since past, the renown “Father of Church History,” bishop of Caesarea, and Church Father, Eusebius.
In his late 3rd century magnum opus, Ecclesiastical History, Eusebius describes Christ’s Advent and its significance in terms that would strike abject horror in the hearts of modern churchmen:
“About the time of our Lord, agreeble to prophecy, those rulers ceased that had formerly governed the nation of the Israelites by regular succession, and Herod was the first foreigner that reigned over them.
At the time that Herod was king, who was the first foreigner that reigned over the Israelite people, the prophecy recorded by Moses received its fulfillment, viz. ‘That a prince should not fail of Judah, nor a ruler from his loins, until [H]e should come for whom it was reserved.’ [cited from the Septuagint] The same, he also shows, would be the expectation of the nations. The prediction was evidently not accomplished, as long as they were at liberty to have their own native rulers, which continued from the time of Moses down to the time of Augustus. Under him, Herod was the first foreigner that obtained the government of the Israelites. Since, as Josephus has written, he was an Idumean by his father’s side, and an Arabian by his mother’s … The government of the Judaeans, therefore, having devolved on such a man, the expectation of the nations was now at hand, according to prophecy; because with him terminated the regular succession of governors and princes, from the time of Moses …
From this time also, the princes and rulers of Judah, i.e., of the Judaean nation, ceasing, by a natural consequence, the priesthood, which had descended from a series of ancestors in the closest succession of kindred, was immediately thrown into confusion. Of this, you have the evidence of Josephus; who shows that when Herod was appointed king by the Romans, he no longer nominated the chief priests from the ancient lineage, but conferred the honour upon certain obscure individuals.”
~Eusebius, Eccles. Hist., ch.6
You hear that? That’s the sound of Joel McDurmon choking on a sixty dollar cohiba.

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Howdy again, folks. Ehud here.

This is a podcast about Christ’s Kingdom, Kinism, and everything relative thereto. Kinism being that radical notion that the Great Commission does not abolish the nations, but rather, redeems them.

Today’s topic is the movie Logan. And, spoiler alert, I will be divulging some details of the film.

I hadn’t expected to plunge into any movie reviews so soon after starting this podcast, but the story of Logan, a.k.a Wolverine, a.k.a James Howlett, strikes me worthy of exception.

First, let me say, as a very earthy character struggling to uncover his own roots, and hunted on all sides by agents of scientific government, the Wolverine character resonated with my teenage self. Even if I haven’t been a reader of comics for more than two decades, and Marvel has no doubt taken steps to denature the character since, his backstory is still compelling: born sometime in the 1800s in the Northwest wilderness, and always preferring less modernized out-of-the-way places like woodlands, small towns, and country road saloons, Logan walked the modern world a man born out of time …

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