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Imagine that you and the Mrs. were entertaining some folks from church on a Lord’s Day afternoon. You all sit outside eating fried chicken chased with cold beer or the occasional Jim & Coke. You talk of the day’s sermon, modern politics and various rabbit trails of history and theology as you bounce one of your children on your knee.

Then, you glance across to your new neighbor’s yard where you see this:

Remember, all cultures are created equal. Or that’s atleast the sentiment of our Marxist social programming. But is it true? Is cohesion of our polyglot empire upon the proposition of cultural equalitarianism a sound pursuit? Europe is exanguinating itself by such sentiments because of the void left in the absence of Christendom. Outside of the objective moral reference uniquely provided by the Christian Faith, they opt to deny the existence of obvious moral discrepancies between people groups.

America is but a footfall behind their brethren across the sea. Even the church has adopted the theory of amalgam as a primary objective of the kingdom.

Multiculturalism, by its levelling of all cultures, is the denial of ethics altogether. It is the claim that all the beastial rites conceived in the heathen heart are identical in value with the most sanctified occidental habits. Love and nurture of children is seen as identical in value to the caress of an Abortionist’s scalpel (Margaret Sanger was right about one thing though, non-whites make up the overwhelming majority of abortion victims). This overriding theory of non-discrimination is a refusal to acknowledge distinctions in the created-order. It is the denial of God’s decree and all Law in deference to the undifferentiated unity of Hindu-esque metaphysics.

‘All is one’ is the denial of the law of excluded middle (A cannot be A and B at the same time and in the same way) in the unqualified expression of the law of identity (A is A)– as if identity precluded the possibility of any differentiation in the universe. In effect, they claim identity to be all that is; they therein deny not only all ethics but all logic also.

In the Church this deference to identity is often repackaged as ‘Love’. That is, they assert that ‘Love’ does does not divide anyone in any way. Nor, they say, can it prefer one person over another. ‘Love’ is all and ‘all is one’– and by their signature lack of differentiation, ‘Love is one’. Thereby, they reason that the cardinal sin (the capital crime against ‘Love’) is to acknowledge the myriad of moral or qualitative gradations in the creation.

This blasphemous sort of groupthink quite ironicly and most hypocritically arrogates to itself the the role of moral arbiter over any who dissent from their Babelite philosophy, which is to say that they cannot be consistent with their own view. If you think I’m wrong just try suggesting at the next meeting of your home-owner’s Association that the community covenant be amended to exclude Hindus– watch the fit hit the shan. They won’t care that you find their ways reprehensible. Neither will they care that Hindus find your weekend beef-barbecues reprehensible. Hindus, Amerindians and Blacks all have the ‘Right’ [sic] to live next door to you, nomatter what you think. It doesn’t even matter if you own the house for rent, they have an unmitigated ‘Right’ [sic] to your property and your neighborhood. They’ve been granted the ‘Right’ to be in close proximity to your children. Your country, your neighborhood, your children– they are nolonger yours. The loss of property rights, free association and ‘restrictive covenants’ is a strike at the heart of the institution of the Family. How long will we tolerate such egregious usurpation?


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Some really interesting Vids:

The Tower of Babel Part 1:
The Tower of Babel Part 2:
What comes around evidently goes around.

The BBC-Banned BNP Broadcast on Immigration and Terror:
The European Elite are destroying their own civilization.

Ancient Celts in America Part 1:
Ancient Celts in America Part 2:
Whites First in America? Part 1:
Whites First in America? Part 2:
Whites First in America? Part 3:
These vids lend credence to the historical attestations of the early Settlers who claimed to have interacted with blonde and red-headed “Indians” with blue eyes who spoke Welsh and other Gaelic dialects. The Colonial New Englanders claimed the Pequot Indians were tanned or dyed Europeans. And the early Canadians likewise recognized the Natives of the eastern seaboard to be Caucasians, wholly seperate from the Mongoloid tribes.

A Portrait of White Suicide:
Here’s a good product of public Multicult indoctrination. He has dutifully followed the ideology to its end– the extermination of his own people.

The Songs They Sing:
Genocide in South Africa and America:
The Race War has been underway for some time now but its acknowledgement is verboten to Whites.

Racism on the Rise:
The Media silence is deafening.

Post Christian Europe:
How are we to understand the fact that Africa is radically ‘more Christian’ than modern Europe? If such is the case it must be asked why I (or even a black man) am safer walking down the street of any post-Christian White neighborhood than that of any thoroughly evangelized Black neighborhood in the world? Despite the presence of the Gospel, Blacks persist in drastically higher rates of every social pathology known. Since I’m not a Marxist I can’t blame it on economics. Neither am I a Behaviorist so I can’t blame it on Memetics. I’m certainly not a Gnostic, a Unitarian or a Hindu so I ultimately cannot deny racial distinction and claim ‘all is one’. The only option I see as comporting with Trinitarian God of scripture is to acknowledge that He created the human race, like the nuclear family, with providentially determined stratifications. Rather than living in an ideological construction of the Multicult, we must return to biblical realism. The sooner we accept the world-order as God made it, the better off we’ll all be. If a Japhethite, embrace it. Don’t pine away for a Shemite lineage, nor that of Ham. Such covetousness is a denial of one’s own Father and Mother (at once, the violation of atleast three of God’s Laws). Nor should you deny the distinctions of mankind which are manifest so clearly in scripture and by ‘the light of nature’. All is not one.

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