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By now everyone has heard about the recent ruling of the California Supreme Court on the subject of Gay marriage [sic]. It has many Evangelical Pundits calling fire down from heaven but by and large they fail to grasp the point of origin for this Johnny-come-lately abomination; expectedly then, they have no proposal for its remedy save more incoherent amendments to our Constitution.

James Edwards has done a masterful job of obviating the not so golden thread running through the history of American jurisprudence on the topic of Marriage. He reminds us that the legal arguments used as justification for the aberration de jure originate from the 1948 California Supreme Court ruling which declared the Laws banning interracial marriage to be unconstitutional via the 14th Amendment which granted citizenship and “equal protection” to Non-Whites.

He mentions the fact that Gullup took a poll after the 1948 ruling in which 95% of Americans said that they were morally opposed to interracial marriage. He says that Christians of yesteryear demonstrated a level of outrage toward mixed-marriage equivalent to that of modern Evangelical’s response to Gay marriage. But on this point I admit a slight disagreement with my friend Mr. Edwards as Gallup now polls American disapproval ratings of Gay marriage at only 74%! That means that Americans were infact more convicted on the matter of interracial marriage than they are now about Gay marriage (by a margin of 21%)! But rather than detracting from Mr. Edwards’ point, I think my a fortiori treatment of the matter actually bolsters his argument because it shows how much the concept of Marriage has been cheapened in the minds of Americans since 1948. Once Marriage received its first egalitarian retooling America’s conviction for the sanctity of that institution slid precipitously into retrograde.

But of course, the Evangelical’s current crusade to enshrine Heterosexual Marriage in the Constitution will remain a fool’s errand so long as the 14th Amendment stands. The concept of “equal protection” is the ‘great commission’ of Abraham Lincoln. It is the fruition of the Gettysburg gospel, inspired by his cozy aquaintence, Karl Marx.

Neither modern Judiciary, nor any extant Legislative body will ever admit Heterosexual Marriage as an Amendment to the Constitution because it would be a denial of the now hallowed 14th Amendment. Mr. Edwards is right—Gay marriage follows interracial marriage as surely as night follows day.

Lincoln’s pursuit of “a more perfect union” was posited over against the national covenant of our Constitution which recognized the fact that, in Judge Douglas’s words, “[T]his government was made on the white basis…it was made by white men for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever.” (from the first of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates) And it must be noted that Lincoln even conceded this point at the time only to ostensibly deny it via speeches and edicts after the fact.

All of this aside, Article III, Section 2 empowers Congress to simply forbid the Court from ruling or even hearing cases on the subject of Marriage between persons of the same sex but the faux Conservatives of today will never utilize this constitutional check of powers because no matter what they say, they really aren’t opposed to judicial activism. Just think of it, if it weren’t for such usurpations why, we’d all still be living in a White country, Abortion would be akin to Witchcraft (and for that matter, Witchcraft would be akin to Witchcraft) and any talk of Gay marriage would be like discourse on the behavior of unicorns—abject fantasy.

But of course, the employ of the Constitutional option at this late date is, for our duplicitous overlords, out of the question. It would show our de facto government for the treasonous fraud of which Lincoln was founder. They’re playing a high-stakes game of Liars’ Poker and they’re “all in”.


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A Dougie MacLean original as sang by Hank MacGregor…
Here are the lyrics:

You’re a stranger to these hills and you’ve come up here to end your days
And you love our running rivers and you love our quaint little Highland ways
You sold your house in the city – you put it on the market and you did so good
Now you’ve bought a little piece of something that you don’t understand and you’ve misunderstood…

He rebukes laissez faire Capitalism and Democratic Individualism which know no community covenants and recognizes no identity above one’s consumer status. Though he’s speaking of the wealthy Technocrats who treat his beloved highlands as an amusement park, these words apply thoroughly to the invasion of the American South by the same ilk.

chorus:{…But I’ll tell you about the land that you play on
What you’ve gained is our ultimate loss
I’ll tell you about the soil you decay on
I’ll hold it up to you like the Fiery Cross… }

This haunting chorus reverberates in the deep recesses of the heart of any who have ears to hear. He proclaims the corrosive disassociation of the interloper to be an act of aggression and an assault upon all that is good. Were Christian order to abide in the land such things would not be. Thus he lifts up the crann tara, “the fiery cross” as a symbol of both God’s illuminating mercy and His terrible wrath.

…You love the view from your window and you’d go out
more but it always rains
You don’t think much of the music or the tears in the
old man’s sad refrains
You’ve bought yourself miles of tartan and you wear it
round your middle and you wear it on your head
You stand there a proud believer in a vision of the truth
that’s long gone dead. But I’ll tell you about the land etc. (chorus)…

He gives voice to his contempt of the foreigners who play at Patriotism, only to mock his history and the venerable dead.

…Once these glens were full of people and the songs
and stories of their fathers of old
And there was peace and plenty and a horn of
whisky when the weather grew cold
Then along came the great improvers and they

cleaned it up like only imperials could
They lined them up for transportation to the land of the
brave and the free and the good
But I’ll tell you about the land etc. (chorus)…

Though the Clans had their disputes the notion of Celtic barbarians immersed in perpetual war was a mythological contrivance of the English who habitually caricatured their enemies. This tactic was perpetuated as much under the protestant rule of Elizabeth and Cromwell as it had been in the reign of their Romish predecessors but this defamatory tactic had originated in the Roman church’s anathemas of the more orthodox Celtic church of the British Isles. The Roman Bishops spared no expense in their attempt to delegitimize the Culdee church of the Gaels—they burned books, manuscripts, churches and men. British Imperialism, political and cultural, was a vestigial habit of Caesero-Papism. The Bard keenly perceives this caustic infidelity in the outlander’s patronage.

…Look to the south I tell you that the black man has it
cruel and hard
But you don’t have to look any further that the rumble
of stones in our own backyard
And Oh sad the day and all that’s left are a fading few
Yes Sir you may have paid good money for it but no it’ll never belong to you But I’ll tell you about the land etc. (Chorus)…

Though we may recognize the plight of those remote to us we are nonetheless enjoined to remember first the needs of our own. Our philanthropic impulse, when divorced of any objective call of responsibility to our own children, serves perennially as the impetus to Communism. It reduces all men to mere economic units without any other bonds of significance, regional, cultural or filial. It decimates all things of seeming permanence and strips all peoples of their unique identities.

And they who languish as docile cogs in this Babelite machine as decontextualized “global citizens” will never be a part of the lands which they acquire; the blood and tears of a people are naught to them but a quaint story from the backward days of yore. Our clannish Christian forbears are, as far as moderns are concerned, aliens and enemies to all that they cherish. For them, contempt of our families be the greatest virtue as such estrangement liberates them to actualize all of their wildest messianic fantasies.

MacLean is a master Bard and wordsmith. His music ever renders the profound simple and the simple profound.

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