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A Kinist America

In the course of discussion on the topic of Kinism the question inevitably arises: “What would a Kinist America look like?” Since the question itself seems to bypass the issue of truth in deference to pragmatism I approach it as a courtesy rather than a necessity. Showing the ‘old paths’ to be a blessing rather than the curse which they’ve been portrayed as in recent years is worthwhile, albeit secondary to the importance of truth itself. With that in mind, here is my estimate/ ambition of the theonomic kin-based nation theory fully realized:

· The Declaration of Independence would have the statement that “All men are created equal” amended for the sake of clarity to explain its original intent—that all men are equally created by God and all stand equally before the council of His eternal Law so as to eschew the prevalent misconception of Egalitarianism, in which none of the Founders believed.
· The Preamble to our Constitution would begin with God’s self-identification and Law for mankind and the nature of His Covenant (Exo.20). It would then identify the specific peoples (families, tribes) over whom our government would have jurisdiction, delineating who, under their respective tribal (familial) authorities, organized in their various states, were to be considered citizens. It would then identify the 66 books of the received canon as the basis for all justice and earthly government. It would go on to acknowledge the “consent of the governed” (a la, I Sam.8) as a basis for ‘States’ Rights’ and conclude with an acknowledgement of King Jesus Christ as the ultimate authority to whom all others are subject.
· The Bill of Rights would remain more or less unaltered.
· The Amendments of the Constitution would be restored— starting with the erasure of the Jacobin measures of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

All of these restorative measures would of course be pursued in a localist grass-roots manner— from the bottom up rather than top down. That is, through evangelism and the cultural mandate which follows it. This approach is both realistic and conceptually conformative to the theonomic republic prior to the kings of Israel.

Since no tax would be allowed to compete with God’s tithe (10%), taxes would be minimal and voluntary so that no man could bring indictment of extortion or theft against the Magistrate, as is categorically the case now. The nature of the voluntarism would be with an eye toward levies with which the individual holds some vested interest. In this way the government would be wholly precluded from making one citizen (or any number thereof) the surety or the forced labor of another. At the dismantling of the welfare state ‘gleaning laws’ would be re-instituted. Those who are able must work for “he who does not work, neither shall he eat.” Those who cannot work would be the ward of their own relatives or in some cases, the parochial church.

The I.R.S. would therefore no longer exist and all of her agents would have to find legitimate work as productive members of society rather than the parasitic roles they play currently. All social and welfare needs would be handled much more responsibly and effectively by the indigent’s family and church.

The absence of governmental land grabs via ‘Property Tax’ [sic] and ‘Eminent Domain’ [sic] would allow for the re-establishment of the old ties to our land and our history. The ‘ancestral home’ would once again become an objective tie to our own identity as a people. Our culture would again be rested in things of greater permanence. In such an atmosphere culture and learning would find their life’s blood in the truest sense.

Though we might retain a small number of elite fighting men as professional soldiers, we would overall return to the “Every-Man-Militia” (a la, the Virginia Constitution) as our general defense, disbanding the vast military industrial complex as exists today. We would desist in our surreptitiously donned mantle of ‘global police’, thus diminishing foreign entanglements and securing our own borders. The further securing of our land would follow after the example of Nehemiah (every man with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other— every man fighting “for his own house”).

Property rights and the right of free association would be restored to the people. ‘Restrictive Covenants’ would be the rule rather than the exception (overseen by the federal representation of local municipalities) inorder to restore civic duty and more cohesive communities.

Citizenship would be established upon the biblical definition of a Nation. That definition, as recognized by the American Puritans and the Founding Fathers, is patently ethnic in nature. None but of ethnic European origin would be regarded as Americans. All others are of different ‘nations’ by definition. Such a theory of Citizenship is no respect an innovation; it is a restoration.

The Right of suffrage would be restored to the original American/ English Common Law view of ‘Freehold Suffrage’ (restricted to adult landed white males) as it comports with our founding principles and with scripture.

Needless to say, the ramifications of such a governmental and social overhaul would be manifold:

America would withdraw from the U.N. and all other foreign entanglements.

The Central Bank and Federal Reserve would both be abolished, returning America to a system of “just weights and measures” in gold, silver and other various commodities.

Our lawful Militias, greatly expanded by the general decommission of our standing army, would enforce our borders and simultaneously infuse our domestic economy with a prime-age workforce in replacement of all of the extant immigrant labor. The vacuum left in the wake of mass deportation would be immediately filled with White Americans.

These Whites would enjoy far better wages than their Black and Mestizo counterparts by virtue of innate capability as well as the newly soaring profit margins left by the abolishment of the IRS. These improved margins would strengthen small business in competition with corporations, who, suddenly stripped of the tax advantages, would lose hold on their current monopolies. Economic equilibrium is thus restored as economics return to a localist modality.

The shoring of our borders and return of the every-man Militia (armed citizenry) would end the threat of Terrorism.

The deportation of most Blacks, Jews and Mestizos would all but end the social ills of America— modern violence and depravity would once again be rarities in our land, subject to social castigation, church censure and civil penalties.

Were all of these measures pursued, we would once again be a lawfully united Christian nation passing to our children an unambiguous, safe, coherent, tangible and virtuous inheritance.

While I believe such things to have been the intent of our forefathers, degenerate subversives have meticulously disassembled the republic by taking advantage of the inadvertent ambiguities of our founding documents. Our fathers simply could not foresee the thought processes of people so far removed from their presuppositions as to construe “congress shall make no law” to mean that law can have no transcendent or divine origination or authority. They would have called such thinking “madness” (and there’s no reasoning with madness) as it completely abrogates the principles upon which they called to establish this nation in the first place. On the basis of this fact certain clarifications and elaborations have shown themselves perspicuously necessary.

But the handful of changes which I propose does nothing but extenuate the Christian equilibrium enjoyed by the early generations of this nation with an eye toward perpetuation.


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