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Why doth the nations rage,
And imagine a vain thing?
A query lost upon the sage,
And upon kings;

As spake Noah his decree
O’er Ham, Japheth and Shem –
An oracle of the three,
And they who from them descend:

Shem be blessed:
A separate, holy seed;
To God they would’st attest –
Christ born o’ that breed.

Japheth be enlarged:
A forward and intrepid race;
The tents of Shem their charge
‘Neath the covenant of grace.

Ham no blessing received,
Though father Noah foretold
Servitude were’t the reprieve
O’ the the dusky fold.

Albeit one their source,
Lord Almighty the clans distinguished;
Dispatched He each to their course
That none be extinguished.

This were’t the doctrine handed down
Age upon unfolding age,
Taken by Christendom ’round
Scripture’s teaching page upon page;

But as men are wont to do,
Conspire they to fell God’s order;
Return they to Shinar anew,
for Babel slaying king and warder.

The eagle is plucked from his height,
Exalted are the jackal and rat;
Coveted is darkness, and spurned the light –
Japheth lay in irons with they he begat.

The gate is unhinged,
The breach is passed;
Our colors lay singed,
We suffer the lash.

Of our priests all are become liars:
With the bit and bridle of guilt
They turn us ‘gainst our sons and sires,
And revel in the blood they’ve spilt.

Their heresy were’t born on an Eastern breeze:
“Equality”, whispered the wind;
Japheth be brought to his ruddy knees
For being high-minded and fair-skinned.

No haven may he retain;
Outlawed are his parcel and tract,
Anathema is declared the alban strain
By treason’s red compact.


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