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This goes out to the folks I know who continue to allege that criticism of the state of Israel and the Jewish Shoah are but a recent phenomenon devoid of pre-1980s precedent. Enjoy.

G.W. Armstrong writing on the subject of Zionism in 1950:

To the President and Congress of the United States
Gentlemen: I respectfully represent:

1. That the Zionists seek to destroy our republican form of
government and to establish a socialist government in place of it;

(2)that they have involved us in two world wars in pursuance of this

(3) that they seek to acquire the fabulous wealth of the Dead Sea estimated at five trillion dollars, and of the Arabian oil fields estimated at six hundred billion dollars;

(4) that this wealth belongs to us and the British Empire by right of conquest;

(5) that the Zionists are traitors and should be punished as such.

(a) I allege that a majority of the immigrants who have entered our country since the First World War are socialists and communists;

(b) I allege upon information and belief that Herbert H. Lehman, Felix Frankfurter and several Congressmen and other officials are Zionist communists and citizens of the State of Israeli.

Geo. W. Armstrong.
April 29, 1950.

Remember, this was written in 1950. 


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Calling All The Clans

We need more music like this.

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This appears to be some serious Kinist entertainment.

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