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Book Review: Black and Reformed (Orbis Books, 1984)

Black and Reformed is one of the seminal works of Allan Boesak and a part of the greater canons of both Black Theology as well as the broader category of Liberation Theology. It is of interest for various reasons, not least of which is its claim to be written from the Reformed and Calvinistic perspective.

(At this point I must make a disclaimer that any of a conservative Reformed point of view with heart conditions or a disposure to hypertension ought to steer wide of Mr. Boesak’s writing; it’s sure to raise one’s blood pressure.)

As a preeminent Black Theologian, a figurehead of the South African anti-Apartheid movement, an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Mission Church and the one-time elected President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches his writings have had a regrettably significant impact not only in geopolitics but also on modern Reformed Theology.

“Allan Boesak not only courageously exposes the racism which has for so long disguised itself in Calvinist garb; he also respectfully points the way to a revitalizing reformed Christianity. Black and Reformed is must reading for all who care about the continuing reformation of the Church.” (Richard J. Mouw, Prof. of Philosophy, Calvin College)

Since this book is something of a holistic argument against Apartheid one might think it has a rather punctiliar focus on old South Africa but such is not the case. The author argues against Apartheid in the broadest terms so as to address all of White Christendom’s interactions with outlying races. As he points out, ‘Apartheid’ means simply, apart…hood, as in “separate neighborhoods” or in American vernacular, segregation. In this sense, it has universal application.

The major thesis of the book is shocking, albeit of little surprise; Mr. Boesak forthrightly declares Apartheid in all its forms not only “Sin”, but “Blasphemy” and “Heresy” as well. He juxtaposes these assertions to the fact that “Apartheid was born in the church and even today it finds theological justification in the Afrikaans-speaking Reformed churches.” (p.48) “Apartheid was born out of the Reformed tradition.” (p.85) “It was born in and continues to be justified out of the bosom of the Reformed churches.” (p.102) Of course, there are many in the Reformed churches now who would still deny segregation to have been an historical ambition of Reformed theology but they find themselves’ greatly at odds with official resolutions of the Reformed church on such matters: “As a church, we have always worked purposefully for the separation of the races. In this regard apartheid can rightfully be called a church policy.” (Kerkbode, official mouthpiece of the Dutch Reformed church, 1958, p.106)

And Mr. Boesak goes on to say that he offers “what the god of the missionaries could not give…because that god was too much the god of whites…” This, he says, “is what I hope African Christianity can bring to West Europeans and North Americans…This seems to me to be the gospel truth.” (p.51)

All that is to say that he acknowledges the theory of racial segregation to have deep roots in traditional, orthodox Christianity, especially in the Reformed tradition. But he counters this fact by anathematizing the near entirety of what he acknowledges to be historical Christian orthodoxy! He even goes so far as to declare the very missionaries who brought the gospel to his people to be outside the church!

But he does not leave the matter there; after the posthumous banishment of the very men who originally brought the gospel to his peoples’ ears, he offers as an alternative to the well-worn views of traditional Christianity: A new Christianity, an African Christianity—the true Christianity!

To hedge the readers’ likely tendency to mistake his language as an indulgence in generalization or hyperbole, he elaborates for us, telling us precisely what groups were the most ardent disseminators of the Calvinist racial heresy: “Dutch Calvinists,…French Huguenots, Scottish Presbyterians and Swiss missionaries…The God of the Reformed tradition was the God of slavery, fear, persecution, and death.” (p.83) “…racism is an inevitable fruit of the Reformed tradition.” (p.86)

One of his grievances which he says reveals White Christianity as racist heresy is that it does not recognize that “the whole human race is united by a sacred bond of fellowship.” (p.90) and that Christians ignore this truth “only at the risk of blasphemy.”(p.96) He goes on to explain that Whites’ sinful aversion to such things stems largely from their “’holy war’ on communism.” (p.98)

Not surprisingly, Mr. Boesak demands that White Reformed Christianity conform to the universal open-borders agenda of the World Council of Churches. We are told that any church out of conformity with these new principles will be deemed Apostate. Inorder to avoid such censures Whites must racially integrate all relations—nations, communities and families. The concept of integration is so central to his worldview that he recklessly exclaims, “If apartheid is Christian, take your Christianity and go to Hell.”(p.131) His god is not the tri-une God of scripture. His god is Unity itself and that to the detriment and destruction of the worshippers of the true God, especially Whites.

The only thing more startling than Mr. Boesak’s views is the fact that he and others like him have taken the field in virtually all corners of Christendom today! He has persuaded White Christians to believe that the historic sociological doctrines of European Christendom marks the old heroes of the faith as Blasphemers and Heretics while the true faith is declared a distinctly Unitarian/ Marxist/ African Christianity!

Throughout the book Mr. Boesak falls back redundantly on a mega-theme comparing Blacks universally to Israel in Egyptian bondage. He says that Blacks have been subject to slavery ever since their first contact with White Christians and that they remain so to present. Following the Israelite parallel he demands, ‘Let my people go.’

Such a powerful association cannot be but taken seriously. The question is whether or not the association is an appropriate one in the first place: When Moses made his declaration of Israelite liberty to Pharaoh he said, as Mr. Boesak has, ‘Let my people go.’ But the distance between the call of African liberation is as far the substance of Israelite liberation as the east is from the west. This is made clear by the philosophical ideology which undercoats Mr. Boesak’s patina of biblical verbiage. He asserts that African freedom means that Whites must aggressively and forcefully integrate their nations, communities and families without qualification—any who fail to do so are to be regarded as outside the faith. All White countries must dissolve their borders as the antiquated remnants of the old racist heresy. White communities and families must set out purposefully to ensure that they are never again anything like they were in the past because the old Christian world was precluded from the faith on the basis of being distinctly White. As he says, “Ethnicity is inseparable from racism, however subtle it may be.”(p.116)

That is to say that when Mr. Boesak demands of Whites that we ‘Let [his] people go’, that he is infact demanding that we let them in. Why? “…to redistribute the wealth of the country.”(p.119) and for access to White women (most of p.133).The definition of freedom (for them) is their ability to invade our territories and pillage without resistance. Any and all such resistance is considered damnable Heresy.

Speaking of Black children he says, “we must not betray the blood of [our] children.”(p.117) and “We must continue to work for a safe and secure future for our children.” (p.118) Ironically, this is almost identical to the White Nationalist slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” (The Fourteen Words, David Lane) But Mr. Lanes’ slogan marks him putatively as the definition of a racist while Mr. Boesak’s near identical statement is taken as the definition of social justice! The modern church has reconciled such hypocrisies in their thinking through yet another form of racism—lowered expectations. Self-preservation is considered a thoroughly Christian endeavor so long as the objective of said policies isn’t the preservation of Whites.

Let me conclude with a simile of my own: Suppose the Big Bad Wolf declared the Three Little Pigs to be Heretics and that the only way for them to be absolved was to renounce their segregationism by letting him into their respective homes. Whether or not the Pigs were comfortable with letting this very pushy and self-righteous predator into their homes wouldn’t matter because the Wolf had gained the political wind of the institution to blow down the Pigs’ houses because they were poorly constructed of false ideas of liberty, justice and the Faith. Such little pigs would inevitably be gobbled up as they lay in the ruins of their homes; but the Pig who built his house on solid Christian principle, acknowledging his duty to family, community and nation—he and his would live. All the rest would, in one respect or another, fittingly be turned into Ham.


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Aside from the Satanic Roe v. Wade descision, I’ve not seen it officially addressed as a year of great significance but 1973 saw a radical turning of the tide between the old world order and the new. The Luciferian machinations to be visited on Mankind in that year were so subtle yet so pervasive that it is difficult to regard it as anything but a breach in the outer wall of civilization itself.

January 1 – The United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Denmark enter the European Economic Community, which later became the European Union: The dawning hours of the new year delivered an ill-omen and dire portents of what was to come. The old feudal economics of Europe finally breathe their last and in their wake they leave a lingering pestilence to subdue the remaining vestiges of the Christian ethno-parochialism of days gone by.

January 20 – U.S. President Richard Nixon is inaugurated for his second term: He won by a landslide against McGovern, carrying fortynine of fifty states. He goes down in infamy for, among other things, his establishment of what became known as the ‘Imperial Presidency’, massive expansion of the Welfare state and radical furtherance of racial integration policy in the American South. Historian Dean Kotlowski concludes, “Nixon was the greatest school desegregator in American history.”

January 21 – The Communist League is founded in Denmark: On the twenty-first day of the new reign of the European Economic Community the ghost of Marx manifests itself anew.
January 22Roe v. Wade: The U.S. Supreme Court overturns state bans on abortion: In one of the bloodiest rulings of all times in the history of all nations, the black-robed priests declare a perpetual “slaughter of the innocents”—at which point, American Christians and all men of good will should have risen as one man to depose a government gone mad. But the amorality of liberal deconstructionism and free-willism had rendered the majority of the American church completely impotent. To the shame of our forbearers and our religion, the children of Israel once more stoked the fires of Molech. Judgment was thereafter immanent.
February 13 – The United States Dollar was devalued by 10%: America’s legacy-minded families are subject to the insidious ‘Inflation Tax’. A tenth of their children’s inheritance is stripped from them as the Federal Reserve floods the market with their fiat currency to pay for the massive expansions of government and social engineering programs. Estates are lost and families are scattered to the winds, eroding all things of permanence from the basic social family unit outwards.

February 22Sino-American relations: Following President Richard Nixon‘s visit to mainland China, the United States and the People’s Republic of China agree to establish liaison offices: Not to be outdone by the newly forged EU, the American seed of modern Globalism is sown. Alliances are forged with Communist nations and godless peoples in the name of mammon. The ancient boundary stones are moved and borders dissolved.

April 11 – The British House of Commons voted against restoring capital punishment by a margin of 142 votes: Justice is banished from Albion’s fair shore. What regard can be had for the House of Commons when they’ve abandoned the Common Law?

May 14 – The British House of Commons votes to abolish capital punishment in Northern Ireland: So too does Justice pass away in the Hibernian hills.

June 16 – U.S. President Richard Nixon begins several talks with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev: Parlay with Communists.

June 24 – Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev addresses the American people on television, the first to do so: Communist parlay with the American populace.

July 1 – The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is founded: The radical expansion of state control for the purposes of a complete enslavement of Americans. It is the establishment of the DEA which finally snuffed out the remaining vestiges of States Rights in the U.S. In order to prevent the growth of marijuana in states which allowed it, it was reasoned that its inevitable sale in adjacent states was a matter of ‘Interstate Commerce’, which is the domain of Federal government. But if the production of something which might be sold across state borders is now the domain of the Fed, all business is then under the immediate jurisdiction of the Federal government, no matter what the respective states have to say of the matter.

July 2 – The United States Congress passes the Education of the Handicapped Act (EHA) mandating Special Education federally: More Social Engineering nonsense at the expense and against the will of Joe Paycheck. Rather than families, communities and churches rallying around their own indigents, children are further communalized and ultimately remanded to the care of the Nanny State. Such legislation effectively outlaws the homeschool option for “Special Needs Students”. That is to say that parents now have fifty percent of the wages extorted from them just for the privilege of being denied their God-given parental Rights. But we’re told it’s for the good of the children of course.

July 16Watergate Scandal: Former White House aide Alexander Butterfield informs the United States Senate Watergate Committee that President Richard Nixon had secretly recorded potentially incriminating conversations: Though not a true Conservative himself, his corruption and scandal would mar all things conservative for years. This foothold granted the radical Socialists would facilitate the 1976 ascendance of Jimmy Carter to the throne. The gospel according to Marx would be thus promulgated.

September 11Chile‘s democratically-elected government is overthrown in a military coup after serious instability. President Salvador Allende dies, and General Augusto Pinochet heads a U.S.-backed military junta that will govern Chile for the next 16 years: More Globalist machinations through paternalistic nation-building. Some would call this sort of thing ‘State-sponsored Terrorism’ with the ambition of economic hegemony.

October 17 – The Arab Oil Embargo against several countries which support Israel triggers the 1973 energy crisis: Laissez faire Corporatism ultimately leads to reliance on foreign commodities which in turn promotes foreign monopolies. And our unethical support of Israel exacerbates the problem—ensuring open-ended wars and entanglements in the mid-east; all of which would eventually result in the Bush administration’s hundred-year War on Terror, to the further abdication of American Liberty.

October 30 – The Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey is completed, connecting the continents of Europe and Asia over the Bosporus for the first time in history: The invasion begins. With all the previously independent European nations now in economic and political union, the Elites amass and import their Asian and African shock troops for the long awaited overthrow of Christian European civilization. Any who would dare question the rationale of European defortification is declared a Fascist—a Nazi. Such persons are marginalized (and in some cases imprisoned) for dissenting from the plan of European eradication.

December 15Gay rights: The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its DSM-II: In a promontory contravention of American and Christian values the APA exonerates deviants—Freud and Kinsey among others. The dismantling of the American family and the greater Christian society is now in full swing and all just in time for Christmas.

December 23OPEC doubles the price of crude oil: More backlash from Israeli and Muslim economic monopolies.

December 28 – The Endangered Species Act is passed: The year closes with a grand governmental gesture of conservancy…for animals. This very pagan conservationism will be paid for by a people who are themselves on the brink of extinction. But there is no act of Congress aimed at their preservation forthcoming.

The Exorcist hit the big screen that year—an apros pos cinematic tribute to a year of demoniac advances against Christian civilization.

And irony of all ironies, Richard Nixon who had officially de-monetized silver in 1971 would have a commemorative silver proof coin issued in his honor by the Franklin Mint in 1973. This was nothing short of a practical joke on America. How her conquerors must regale themselves with recollection of such gaffs.

How could all of these monumentous societal upheavals have passed unnoticed? And how much more incredible it is that so many preceding years smuggled in their own attendant social corrosives without foment of revolution?

Did all occur under the cover of darkness while our people slept? Our people slept but it was in the light of day. The traitors among us brazenly strode through our midst unmolested because they had bewitched our folk with their father’s rhetoric, ‘Hath God truly said?’. Exposed and ashamed, our people lack the moral certitude (and therefore, the courage) to act.

But some were roused from their stupor long enough to observe with liberty-minded sagacity…
Senate Report 93-549 (Nov. 19th 1973): “Since March the 9th, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency…A majority of people of the United States have lived all theirs lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency.”

That is to say that America has been a dictatorship since the Roosevelt administration. (Of course, I’d go a step further—to the Lincoln administration—but that’s a whole other can of worms.)

The findings of that particular Senate Committee are so significant and so essential to understanding modern America that they should be common knowledge—especially amongst Christians. But they’re not. Really, your average Evangelical would likely consider you a traitor for saying such things. But that radical lot now call all things Marxist—‘Conservative’. Therefore, all talk of things truly conservative is now seen as sedition.

I’ll let Pat Buchanan have the last word on the matter:
“Here in America, the self-delusion about what is happening and the paralysis in the face of the crisis have no precedent. What can be said for a man who would allow his home to be invaded by strangers who demand they be fed, clothed, housed, and granted the rights of the firstborn? What can be said for a ruling elite that permits this to be done to the nation, and that celebrates it as a milestone of moral progress?
We are witnessing how nations perish. We are entered upon the final act of our civilization. The last scene is the deconstruction of the nations. The penultimate scene, now well underway, is the invasion unresisted.” (Buchanan, State of Emergency, pg.6

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