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The Rural Dictionary


1)Anyone who is against big government, confiscatory taxation, activist judges, voter fraud, or government schools.

2)Anyone who believes in private property, free association, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, national borders, states’ rights, or self-determination.

3)Anyone who uses the Latin term for “black”.

4)Anyone who uses the English word ‘black’ in terms such as “blacklisted”, “black hole”, “black-balled”, “black sheep”, “black guard”, etc.

5)Anyone who acknowledges that Asians are good at mathematics and geometry, that Europeans create and maintain civilization, or that Blacks can run and/or jump well.

6)Anyone who doesn’t care for spicy food.

7)Anyone who speaks proper English, especially if they have a Southern accent.

8)Anyone who opposes social promotion based on race.

9)Anyone who judges a people according to the content of their character.

10)A Taxi driver.

11)A Police Officer.

12)A Fireman.

13)A Small Business owner.

14)Anyone living in rural America.

15)A non-Democrat.

16)Winter and/or water sports.

17)Anyone born before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

18)Anyone who upsets a non-white person.

19)Anyone opposed to the cultural and/or physical genocide of white people.

20)A white person.


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