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Risky Business

Mr. Turner may just have a tiger by the tail. The question is, would the Witness Protection Program help or would that be tantamount to the rabbit hiding in a fox den?


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Good Ol Boys Like Me

This one always cuts deep.

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Well, it appears that an old friend has taken it upon himself to go hunting a bounty:

After the proprietor at Spiritwaterblood (Many thanks to the faithful Yoeman at the pumps) sets him aright on some of his misconceptions, Sob76 comes back again only to throw about more non-sequiturs.

Obviously, my old friend is still quite confused over the nature of Kinism as well as the nature of my elder board examination.

But this is nothing new. While it is the case that I’ve engaged he and others in protracted discussions of Kinism and its satellite topics, the men in question have never been able to actually interact with the subject matter at all. Most of those discussions took the form of redundant corrections to their off the wall distortions of Kinism. No matter how many times I told them that I believed the Gospel to be pertinent to all peoples, that I did in fact take Blacks to be human beings descended from Adam and Eve, or that one’s race be no credit to a Man before the gaze of the Almighty, they nonetheless would return a fortnight later to level the same strawman arguments and accusations. And so it went– ever they insinuating and indicting, ever me correcting and dispelling.

This was, for a time, rather dismaying to me– the idea that despite my elaborate explanation and expositions from the text, that these otherwise intelligent fellows seemed incapable of actually hearing anything which I had to say of the matter. I suppose that in a certain vanity, I expected my simple, straightforward speech to be received accordingly but I know now that I underestimated the power of cognitive dissonance. These men were, on a gut level, committed to “reading between the lines”. They were not quite so incapable but more precisely, unwilling to see me as advocating anything but genocide. (The irony is that it is they who truly advocate genocide… but that’s beside the point.) All of Sob76’s commentary (hyperlinked above) is just a continuation of that willful distortion.

As for my elder board examination, Sob76 says:

“Ehud didn’t win. His position paper was incomplete… Based upon Ehud’s words you would believe the Elders of our church made a pragmatic decision to appease those of us who dissagreed with him. with this in mind I challenged my Elders as to why they would restrict a member from being and Elder and teaching for pragmatic reasons. This was wholey [sic] unacceptable to me. The answer is they didn’t…it was vague enough that they couldn’t in good conscience excommunicate him with so little knowledge of the position; without a clear understanding that this was truly heresy and unrepentant sin…When presented with a more detailed summary of the Kinist position as presented by Ehud to myself and his friend, their oppossition was much more outspoken.”

First, I never said I ‘won’ anything. I said that they ruled in my favor to the extent that I was found guilty of no theological error or moral sin. Of course the marginalized status in which I was placed was itself a loss, not a win but the ruling was in my favor overall because the designs of the conspirators for me to be brought up on charges and excommunicated were wholly routed.
Secondarily, my position paper was some twenty one pages long. It treated Kinism rather roundly in four separate avenues of discussion: The doctrine of Nations, Race Realism according to scripture, the doctrine of Family and the doctrine of Government. It may be called many things but it certainly was not ‘incomplete’ for the purposes of communicating a general overview of my position. To my knowledge, Sob76 has never read that paper, yet, he and his fellow conspirators declare it to be incomplete. This, Sob76 claims to have remedied by supplying ‘a more detailed summary’ to the elder board based upon our previous discussions– to which, as Sob76 says, ‘their opposition was much more outspoken’. By this I assume he means that they would’ve excommunicated me if only I’d been honest about my views. But the fact is that I was fully forthcoming, demuring not one iota to relay my views as the historic church has understood these matters. All said and done, I leave it for my readers to decide from his posts at the links above whether Sob76 has a grasp enough of Kinism to deliver ‘a more detailed summary’ of that doctrine. To whatever extent he did so, I regard it as done either in ignorance or in the worst case, as lying slander. Either way, it is apparent that Sob76 and company need to repent of their nidingswerk.
And when I wrote that the elder board marginalized me for ‘pragmatic’ purposes, it was not simply my opinion or some sort of dissembling; those were the words of the Pastor himself. I was told that in their opinion I had supplied a thorough account of my views and it was clear that I simply had another perspective than is popular in that church currently and that it seems to all inspection to comport with confessional orthodoxy, falling therefore into a permissible category. The Pastor told me that the elder board could resolve to deal with me no more strictly than they would if I were of a slightly Baptist persuasion or anything of the like.
However, he said that for “practical and pragmatic purposes” that I ought not teach there because it could lead to greater controversy and maybe even schism. To such possibilities I am quite sensitive and on the basis of practicality I grudgingly agreed with the Pastor because, like the Pastor, I perceived that the level of agitation caused by so few would only tear that congregation apart if it were elevated to a congregation-wide debate. 
Beyond that, if Sob76, et.al. have gone behind me disseminating all sorts of distortions of my views, I can do little about it now (seeing as I’m no longer even living in that accursed state) aside from addressing the matter in this venue as Sob76 has chosen. Although, I think I’m gonna call my one-time-elder down there and ask him to reign in such madness in the future.

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